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    ·Congratulations to Cheng Bo for his paper published in Physics of[2017-7-24]
    ·Professor Penger Tong and Specially-appointed Researcher Fangfu Y[2017-7-22]
    ·Professor John C. Bischof from the University of Minnesota and Pr[2017-7-22]
    ·Professor Luke P. Lee from NUS visited BEBC[2017-7-19]
    ·Happy June birthday party![2017-7-19]
    ·Professor Feng Xu's "The Mechanism of Anesthesia and Pain Percept[2017-6-15]
    ·Congratulations to Yan Gong for her paper published in Internatio[2017-6-15]
    ·Congratulations to Yuqing Dong for his research published in Acta[2017-6-6]
    ·Congratulations to Dr. Fei Li and Zedong Li for getting the Best [2017-6-6]
    ·Dr. Qingzhen Yang and Dr. Penghui Zhang got Special Funding of Ch[2017-6-6]
    ·Spring tour to Wangshun Mountain[2017-6-6]
    ·Congratulations to our master students who had smoothly passed th[2017-6-5]
    ·Congratulations to Xuanqiao Wang who has won several Technologica[2017-6-5]
    ·Ph.D. student Hao Liu won the "best Presentation Award" in 2nd Fr[2017-6-5]
    ·Congratulations to Ruihua Tang for her research paper published i[2017-6-1]
    ·Congratulations to Minli You for his recent work published in ACS[2017-6-1]
    ·Dr. Qingzhen Yang published a Paper in Biomicrofluidics[2017-6-1]
    ·Congratulations to Yuqing Dong for his research published in Nano[2017-6-1]
    ·Congratulations to Dr. Xiaocong He getting Innovative Talent Supp[2017-5-26]
    ·Our latest research result was reported by several famous foreign[2017-5-26]