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BEBC Seminar: Han Liu & Shaobao Liu

2018/4/4      view:

On the morning of 31th March, 2018, the Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) held monthly seminar in the Room 308, School of Life Sciences and Technology. Dr. Han Liu and Dr. Shaobao Liu shared their scientific reports.

Focused on plant trichome and biomimetics, Dr. Han Liu first investigated the early warning function of trichome in plant defense under menchanical stimulation and found that trichome can focuse force in their base through buckling instability and elicitephysiological signal change in skirt cells. Under continous mechanical stimulation, calcium content in trichome cell wall increased obviously. Through mutant of trichome in Arabidopsis, we found that the mutant of certain gene would influence trichomes mechanical sensibility. Then, from the point of biomimetics on trichome, we reconstructed the structure of trichome and found multiple advantages of such biomimetic structure, which indicated that they are suitable for tissue engineering. Considering the current research hotspot in tissue engineering, through the biomimetic structures, she constructed a three-dimensional pathological model of myocardial fibrosis in vitro, which is significant for the treatment of cardiovascular.

Dr. Shaobao Lius report, entitled as "Study on Drought-resistant Biomechanical Behavior of Plant Cells ". With a large number of studies on plant epidermal hair cells, his work, which including theoretical modeling, numerical simulation and experimental characterization, explored dynamic characteristics and effects of drought of plant epidermal hair cells. Later, he shared us with some designing concepts and helpful skills about thesis cover.

Their brilliant reports inspired audience the idea of interdisciplinary field and how to view a problem in a novelty way. Look forward to more excellent work from them.