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BEBC Seminar: Zedong Li & Yuqing Dong

2017/12/18      view:

On the morning of 16th December, 2017, the Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) held monthly seminar in the Room 308, School of Life Sciences and Technology. Two Ph.D. students Zedong Li and Yuqing Dong shared their scientific reports.

Zedong Lis works are focused on point-of-care testing (POCT). POCT techniques, characterized by low cost, usability and the ability to operate with miniaturized equipment, have been rapidly developed in recent years. In his report, he introduced a truly simple and cheap method to realize POCT techniques: pen-on-paper (PoP) strategy. Recently, PoP strategies with directly writing desired functional materials on paper have been creatively developed to realize the key steps for fabrication of paper-based POCT platforms. These strategies are not only characterized by simplicity, rapid prototyping and do-it-yourself capability, but also are likely to realize scalable manufacturing through combining with software-controlled plotter. Finally, conclusions and future perspectives of PoP for POCT were also given in his report.

Yuqings talk was mainly about his feeling and experiences of his research work. Based on his four years scientific research work career, three important factors was concluded which were study ability, cooperation awareness and assistance spirit . Yuqing has participated in different research teams and carried on different projects, which was a good experience for him since he realized the importance of these three factors he mentioned above. In the end, Yuqing also insisted that each of us should improve understanding and communication in daily life, so that we can get the feeling like home in BEBC.

More than inspired audience to be open-minded in research, their brilliant reports taught us how to live a positive life with a grateful gratitude. Look forward to more excellent work from them.