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Associate professor Lijie Grace zhang from the George Washington University visited BEBC

2018/6/27      view:

At Professor Feng Xus invitation, Assistant professor Lijie Grace zhang from the George Washington University, visited BEBC on 27th June, 2018 and delivered a report entitled Advanced 3D/4D Bioprinting and Nanomaterials for Complex Tissue Regeneration in the 308 meeting room in the School of Life Science and Technology.

Her report showed the understanding of 3D and 4D bioprinting technology and their use in tissue/organ repairs. As an emerging tissue manufacturing technique, 3D bioprinting offers great precision and control of the internal architecture and outer shape of a scaffold, allowing for close recapitulation of complicated structures found in biological tissue. Inaddition, 4D bioprinting is a highly innovative additive manufacturing process to fabricate pre-designed, self-assembly structures with the ability to transform from one state to another directly off the bioprinter. The term 4D refers to the time-dependent dynamic process triggered by specific stimulation according to predesigned requirements. Therefore, the main objective of our research is to develop novel biologically inspired nano or smart inks and advanced 3D/4D bioprinting techniques to fabricate the next generation of complex tissue constructs(such as vascularized tissue, neural tissue and osteochondral tissue). In the end of the report, she had a heated discussion with teachers and students in BEBC. After that, she was invited to look around the labs of BEBC.