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Congratulations to Cheng Bo for his paper published in International Journal of Physics of Life Reviews

2017/12/18      view:

Recently, Ph.D. student Bo Cheng from BEBC has published his first author paper in International Journal of Physics of Life Reviews entitled " Energetics: An emerging frontier in cellular mechanosensing ".

The paper has reviewed how  cells  sense the substrate stiffness. Our recent review highlighted a range of theoretical models and simulations that have been proposed to answer this important question. In response to this review, three leading groups in the field noted some important omissions not only from our review itself but also from the field. These groups noted, correctly, that much of our understanding of cellular mechanosensing arises from models that take advantage of equilibrium thermodynamics, and that this is inappropriate because living cells are never in thermodynamic equilibrium. In this response, we highlight some promising research aimed at resolving this conundrum.

The work is under the guidance of Professor Min Lin, Guoyou Huang, Yuhui Li, Baohua Ji, Guy M. Genin, Vikram S. Deshpande, Tian Jian Lu.

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