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BEBC Seminar: Minli You & Meng Shi

2017/10/27      view:

On the morning of 21th October, 2017, the Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) held monthly seminar in the Room 308, School of Life Sciences and Technology. Two Ph.D. student Minli You and Meng Shi shared their scientific reports.

Based on the combination of UCNPs(Upconversional Nanoparticles) and Lateral flow strip, Minli You developed a fluorescent lateral flow strip which can be integrated with a mobile phone. This device can achieve real-time detection of myocardial biomarker. Then, based on UCNPs and ink-jet printing, his work focuses on paper-based digital PCR, which is expected to be low cost and high sensitivity in detection of gene.

Minli You

Meng Shis works in UC Berkeley are focused on theoretical and experimental studies of low temperature Leidenfrost phenomena. He established a comprehensive theoretical model for various Leidenfrost phenomena, which verified by experiments. Furtherly, he utilized his theories to predict and design new experiments, and discovered new self-propelled Leidenfrost droplets on the laser patterned nanostructures. Then he built an experimental setup to investigated the effects on this new phenomenon.

Meng Shi

Their brilliant reports inspired audience the idea of interdisciplinary field and how to view a problem in a novelty way. Look forward to more excellent work from them.