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Professor Penger Tong and Specially-appointed Researcher Fangfu Ye visited BEBC

2017/7/22      view:

At Professor Feng Xu’s invitation, Professor Penger Tong from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Specially-appointed Researcher Fangfu Ye from Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited BEBC on 18th July, 2017. They were shown around the labs and had a heated discussion with teachers and students from BEBC.


  1. Prof. Penger Tong (童澎尔教授),Associate Dean of Department of Physics in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (

1984-1988, Ph.D. in Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA.  Dissertation: Relative velocity fluctuations in turbulent flows at moderate Reynolds numbers. Advisor: Walter  I. Goldburg.

1983-1984, M.Sc. in Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

1978-1982, B.Sc. in Physics, Northeastern University, China.


Soft condensed matter physics: structures, interactions, and dynamics in colloidal suspensions and other complex fluids; interactions and dynamics of colloidal monolayers at liquid-liquid and near liquid-solid interfaces; non-equilibrium processes in suspensions and wetting dynamics at a three-phase contact line between liquid and solid interfaces; sedimentation of non-Brownian particles in simple and complex fluids; viscoelastic properties of biomaterials, active matter and live cells; anomalous diffusion of membrane-bound proteins and lipids in live cells.

Non-equilibrium dynamics in flow systems: statistical properties of fully developed turbulence, high Rayleigh number thermal convection, boundary layer dynamics and transport phenomena in turbulent flows.      

2.  叶方富研究员1999年毕业于北京大学,获天文学及经济学学士学位;2007年获美国宾夕法尼亚大学物理学博士学位。之后,相继在美国肯特大学、伊利诺依大学、佐治亚理工学院等高校从事软物质与理论生物物理研究。在PNAS,PRL,PRE等国际著名学术期刊上发表过多篇高质量的学术论文。2013年加入中国科学院物理研究所软物质与生物物理实验室,任“百人计划”特聘研究员。目前主要研究方向为统计物理及其在软物质与生命物质体系中的应用,包括复杂网络的结构与相变、细胞骨架及生物大分子网络的结构与弹性、细胞膜及膜与蛋白相互作用研究、液晶弹性体及其工业应用研究等。