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BEBC is recruiting post- doctoral researchers

In order to cultivate a group of world-class creative talents, a Postdoctoral Creative Talent Support Project (Boxin Project) is officially launched according to document No. [2016] 51. More than 200 fresh excellent PhD graduates will be selected every year. Each of them will be funded 600,000 RMB for postdoctoral research work in the following two years, including 400,000 RMB for living expenses and 200,000 RMB as research grant. We, BEBC, warmly welcome the excellent researchers join us with the sponsorship of this project.


"Boxin Project" Requirements

Post-doctoral candidate with intention to start postdoctoral work in 2016 should meet the following conditions:

1. A full-time PhD degree received in the recent three years and the applications who received the degree in 2016 have the priority (have to meet the basic requirements of the declaration PhD thesis).

2. No more than 31 years of old before the deadline.

3. Good scientific research potential and scientific ethics.

4. Studying in areas that belong to national major strategic areas, strategic high-tech areas or frontier of fundamental science.

5. Being able to do full-time postdoctoral research.


How to apply

1. Login ‘Boxin Project’ information system on the website of Postdoctoral Science Foundation after May 1, fill in the online application form and submit it.

2. Submit two hard copies before May 31 to Office of Personnel and Education, comprising:

1) paper application forms printed online with consistency of check code

2) materials of identity including copies of PhD degree certification and diploma certification for applications with PhD degree, or copies of student ID card, resolution of doctoral dissertation or  notification of doctoral dissertation pre-defense for fresh PhD graduates

3) materials of academic and research achievements including full text of representative papers, abstracts and contents of monographs and copies of patent certifications and award certifications. 4) recommendation forms from doctoral supervisor and postdoctoral co-supervisor


Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center

XJTU Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) aims at advancing human health through academic excellence in education and research that integrates engineering, science biology and medicine. We educate outstanding minds, cultivate leaders, create knowledge, and generate cost-effective preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic innovations. Conversely, it brings clinical insight from the patient’s bedside to the laboratory bench. In this way, our students are trained to carry their engineering and scientific expertise from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside and to bring clinical insights from the patient’s bedside to the laboratory bench; to have deep understanding of engineering, physical sciences, and the biological sciences, complemented with hands-on experience in the clinic or in industry; and they become conversant with the underlying quantitative and molecular aspects of medicine and biomedical science.

Add: No.28, Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R. China.

Tel: 029-82667486

E-mail: xjbebc@gmail.com

Website: http://bebc.xjtu.edu.cn

Recruitment Information of Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center

       Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC), built in 2007 by Prof. TianJian Lu (the scholar of the “China 1000-Talent Program”, the chief scientist of the “National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)”) and Prof. Feng Xu (the scholar of the “China young 1000-Talent Program” and “100-Talent Program of Shaanxi Province”), is proficient in the fields of biomechanics, heat transfer and biomedicine, and focuses on the tissue engineering approaches and bioprinting technology to solve the significant problems in the design and optimization of clinical therapeutic schedules. As a modern institution,BEBC provides a free, standardized research platform with abundant scientific atmosphere and theoretical& experimental system to promote multidisciplinary researches, create original achievements and culture scientific personnel with the interdisciplinary ability of innovative researches. BEBC will gradually develop into a research institution with the highest level and influence in the world.


1. Job position

Tenure-track PI and Postdoctoral Fellow


2. Research interests

(1) Mechanics of soft materials

(2) Biomechanics of cell and tissue engineering

(3) multi-physics of solid, fluid, chemistry, electricity and heat transfer

(4) Mechanics of nano-materials

(5) Biomechanics in Chinese and western medicine

(6) Micro-fluid on a chip and electrochemical sensors.


3. Requirements

(1)Tenure-track PI (academic leader or backbone)

Age is generally under 40;

With excellent academic achievements in the field of biomechanics;

Be able to help the research team to create world-class scientific achievements;

Achieved doctorate in well-known universities or research institutions and worked more than 3 years after the doctorate, who has abroad research experience is preferred;


(2) Postdoctoral fellow(academic backbone)

Age is generally under32;

With good academic achievements in the field of biomechanics;

Be able to help the research team to create world-class scientific achievements;

Achieved doctorate in well-known universities or research institutions, who has abroad research experience is preferred;


4. Treatment

Tenure-track PI: Tenure-track system, the school offers 110,000 ~ 180,000 RMB per year, and the center provides adequate research platform and sufficient conditions;

Postdoctoral Fellow: managed by the Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission of University, the treatment is subject tothe related regulation, and the center provides adequate research platform and sufficient conditions;

In addition, here provides convenient conditions of immigration, residency, insurance, medical care and other related aspects.


5Method of application

Please submit the following electronic materials to fengxu@mail.xjtu.edu.cn (Prof. Feng Xu):

(1) Extended CV (including the intention of job position)

(2) 3-5 representative academic achievements (papers, patents, etc.)

(3) 3 recommendation letters

(4) Future research plan (about 2 pages)

Pre-qualified candidates will be invited to the center for an interview, and the round-trip travel and accommodation could be reimbursed.

Application deadline: June 30th, 2016


6. Contact information

Prof. Feng Xu: fengxu@mail.xjtu.edu.cn; +86-29-82667486

Address: Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center,

28 Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China

BEBC Website:bebc.xjtu.edu.cn