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Congratulations to Our Center for Winning the First Prize of Science and Technology in Colleges and Universities of the Year

2019/02/22      view:

On February 22, 2019, Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government issued a document announcing the award-winning results of Shaanxi University Science and Technology Award in 2019. BEBC won the first prize by our achievements on Study of Cell Mechanical Microenvironment Engineering ", which is more than gratifying.


Through the recommendation of schools, expert evaluation and Award Committee consideration, Provincial Education Department Affairs Committee approval and other procedures, 195 award results were evaluated, including 88 first-class awards, 81 second-class awards, 24 third-class awards, and 2 popular science awards. The Provincial Education Department will award certificates to the main winners and the award results will be included in the performance appraisal of scientific research.

Official Announcement: http://jyt.shaanxi.gov.cn/news/jiaoyutingwenjian/201902/21/15242.html?go=pc