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Congratulations to Gong Ya
Congratulations to Zhao Gu
Professor Weihua Huang fro
Congratulations to Minli Y
Congratulations to Huaibin
Congratulations to Our Cen
Congratulations to Fei Li,
Professor Youjun Yang from
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    ·Congratulations to Gong Yan for her successful Ph.D. defense[2019-05-24]
    ·Congratulations to Zhao Guoxu for his successful Ph.D. defense[2019-05-24]
    ·Professor Weihua Huang from Wuhan University visited BEBC[2019-05-24]
    ·Congratulations to Minli You for his successful Ph.D. defense[2019-03-05]
    ·Congratulations to Huaibin Qing for his Successful Ph.D. defense[2019-03-03]
    ·Congratulations to Our Center for Winning the First Prize of Scienc...[2019-02-22]
    ·Congratulations to Fei Li, Zedong Li and Rongyan He for their scien...[2019-01-24]
    ·Professor Youjun Yang from the East China University of Science and...[2019-01-15]
    ·Welcome Dr. Sun Xiaolong, Feng Shangsheng, Li Zedong to join BEBC[2018-11-05]
    ·Congratulations to Dr. Min Lin for being awarded the “Shaanxi Youn...[2018-10-30]
    ·Congratulations to Dr. Guorui Jin for being commended by Xi’an Dai...[2018-10-30]
    ·Congratulations on the Success of Popular Science Activitiy![2018-09-12]
    ·Happy Teachers' Day[2018-09-10]
    ·Professor Alan Giacomin from Queen’s University visited BEBC[2018-09-08]
    ·Ph.D. student Hao Liu published a paper on Small[2018-09-07]
    ·Professor Chunyang Xiong from Peking University visited BEBC[2018-08-27]
    ·Ph.D. students Hao Liu won the best poster award[2018-08-07]
    ·BEBC members participated World Congress of Biomechanics[2018-08-02]
    ·Congratulations to Yufei Ma and Min Lin for their paper published i...[2018-08-01]
    ·BEBC published paper in Biomacromolecules[2018-07-28]