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2017 Papers  

281. L. Wang, B.Q. Li, F. Xu, Z.H. Xu, D.Q. Weia, Y.J. Feng, Y.M. Wang, D.C. Jia, Y. Zhou, UV-Crosslinkable and Thermo-responsive Chitosan Hybrid Hydrogel for NIR-triggered Localized On-demand Drug Delivery, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2017

280. Z.D. Li, F. Li, Y. Xing, Z.Liu, M.L. You, Y.C. Li, T. Wen, Z.Q. Qu, X.L. Li, F. Xu, Pen-on-Paper Strategy for Point-of-Care Testing: Rapid Prototyping of Fully Written Microfluidic Biosensor, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017  

279. Q. Zhang, Y.C. Li, Z.Y. Lin, K.K.Y. Wong, M. Lin, L. Yildirimer, X. Zhao, Electrospun polymeric micro/nanofibrous scaffolds for long-term drug release and their biomedical applications, Drug Discovery Today, 2017 Full Text 

278. J. Zhao, G.R. Jin, G. J. Weng, J.J. Li, J. Zhu and J.W. Zhao, Recent advances in activatable fluorescence imaging probes for tumor imaging, Drug Discovery Today, 2017 Full Text 

277. 李聪慧,曹若凡,许夏瑜,李菲,张镇西,徐峰,无透镜显微成像技术在即时检测中的应用进展,中国激光,2017

276. R.H. Tang, H. Yang, J.R. Choi, Y. Gong, M.L. You, T. Wen, A. Li, X.J. Li, B. Xu, S.F. Zhang, Q. Mei, F. Xu, Capillary Blood for Point-of-Care Testing, Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 2017

275. B. Cheng, M. Lin, G.Y.u Huang, Y.H. Li, B.H. Ji, G.M. Genin, V.S. Deshpande, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Cellular Mechanosensing of the Biophysical Microenvironment: A Review of Mathematical Models of Biophysical Regulation of Cell Responses, Physics of Life Reviews, 2017 Full Text 

274. H. Liu, S.B. Liu, J.J. Jiao, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Trichome as the natural biophysical barrier for plants and its bioinspired applications, Soft Matter, 2017 Full Text 

273. G. M. Genin, S. Thomopoulos, Unifcation through disarray, Nature Materials, 2017 Full Text 

272. P. H. Zhang,  Y. Wang, J. Lian, Q. Shen, C. Wang, B. H. Ma, Y.C. Zhang, T. T. Xu, J.X. Li, Y.P. Shao, F. Xu, J.J. Zhu, Engineering the Surface of Smart Nanocarriers using pH-/Photothermal-/GSH-Responsive Polymer Zipper for Precise Tumor Target Therapy in vivo, Advanced Materials, 2017 

271. J.R. Choi, K.W. Yong, R.H. Tang, Y. Gong, T. Wen, F. Li, B. Pingguan-Murphy, D. Bai, F. Xu, Advances and challenges of fully integrated paper-based point-of-care nucleic acid testing, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2017 Full Text 

270. M. Wang, N. Chai, B.Y. Sha, M.Y. Guo, J. Zhuang, F. Xu, F. Li, The effect of substrate stiffness on cancer cell volume homeostasis, Journal of Cellular Physiology, 2017

269. Y. Gong, J. Hu, J.R. Choi, M.L. You, Y.M. Zheng, B. Xu, T. Wen, F. Xu, Improved lFIas for highly sensitive detection of BNP at point-of-care , International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2017 Full Text 

268. Q.Z. Yang, Q. Lian, F. Xu, Fabrication of Integrated Organ-on-a-Chip via Bioprinting, Biomicrofluidics, 2017  Full Text 

267. M.L. You, M. Lin, Y. Gong, S.R. Wang, A. Li, L.Y. J, H.X. Zhao, K. Ling, T. Wen, Y. Huang, D. F. Gao, Q. Ma, T.Z. Wang, A.Q. Ma, X.L. Li, F. Xu, Household Fluorescent Lateral Flow Strip Platform for Sensitive and Quantitative Prognosis of Heart Failure using Dual-Color Upconversion Nanoparticles, ACS Nano, 2017  Full Text 

266. Y.Q. Dong, G.R. Jin, C.C. Ji, R.Y. He, M. Lin, X. Zhao, A. Li, F. Xu, T.J. Lu, Non-Invasive Tracking of Hydrogel Degradation Using Upconversion NanoparticlesAuthors, Acta Biomaterilia, 2017  Full Text 

265.Z. Liu, J. Hu, A. Li, S.S. Feng, Z.G. Qu, F. Xu, The effect of report particle properties on lateral flow assays: amathematical model, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 2017 Full Text 

264.R.H. Tang, H. Yang, J.R. Choi, Y. Gong, J. Hu, T. Wen, X.J. Li, B. Xu, Q. Mei, F. Xu, Paper-based device with on-chip reagent storage for rapid extraction of DNA from biological samples, Microchimica Acta, 2017  Full Text 

263.R.H. Tang , H. Yang , Y. Gong , Z. Liu , X.J. Li , T. Wen , Z.G. Qu , S.F. Zhang , Q.B. Mei, F. Xu, Improved Analytical Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Assay using Sponge for HBV Nucleic Acid Detection, Scientific Reports, 2017 Full Text 

262.Y.Q. Dong, M. Lin, G.R. Jin, Y. Park, M.S. Qiu, Y. Zhao, H. Yang, A. Li, T.J. Lu, Fabrication of Fluorescent Composite Hydrogel Using in situ Synthesis of Upconversion Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, 2017 Full Text 

261.R.H. Tang, H. Yang, Y. Gong, M.L. You, Z. Liu, J. R. Choi, T. Wen, Z.G. Qu, Q.B. Mei, F. Xu, A Fully Disposable and Integrated Paper-based Device for Nucleic Acid Extraction, Amplification and Detection,Lab on a Chip, 2017 Full Text 

260.S.B. Liu, H. Liu, S.S. Feng, M. Lin, F. Xu, T. J. Lu, Fountain Streaming Contributes to Fast Tip-Growth through Regulating the Gradients of Turgor Pressure and Concentration in Pollen Tubes, Soft Matter, 2017 Full Text 

259.Y.L. Han, M.X. Li, Q.Z. Yang, G.Y. Huang, H. Liu, Y.D. Qin, G.M. Genin, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Collective Wetting of a Natural Fibrous System and Its Application in Pump-Free Droplet Transfer, Advanced Functional Materials, 2017( Journal Back Cover)  Full Text 

258.J. Zhang, V. Rodriguez, F. Xu, X.J. Li, Stem cell culture and differentiation in microfluidic devices towards organ-on-a-chip, Future Science OA, 2017  Full Text 

257.Q.Z Yang, B. Q. Li and F. Xu,Electrohydrodynamic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Leaky Dielectric Fluids, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,2017  Full Text 

256.M. Lin, Y. Gao, T. J. Diefenbach, J. K. Shen, F. J. Hornicek, F. Xu, T. J. Lu, M. Amiji , Z.F. Duan, Facial Layer-by-layer Engineering of Upconversion Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery: NIR Initiated FRET Tracking and Overcoming Drug Resistance in Ovarian Cancer, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017 Full Text 

255.M. Lin, S.B. Liu, G.M. Genin, Y.J. Zhu, M. Shi, C.C. Ji, A. Li, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Melting Away Pain: Decay of Thermal Nociceptor Transduction During Heat-induced Irreversible Desensitization of Ion Channels, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2017 Full Text 

254. X.Y. Xu, W.X. Ding, M.D. Abràmoffc, R.F. Cao, An Improved Arteriovenous Classification Method for the Early Diagnostics of Various Diseases in Retinal Image, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2017 Full Text 

253. H.Y. Zhu, M.Lin, G.R. Jin, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Equation Chapter 1 Section 1A modified energy transfer model for determination of upconversion emission of β-NaYF4:Yb,Er: Role of self-quenching effect, Journal of Luminescence , 2017 Full Text 

252. H. Liu, H.B. Qing, Z.D. Li, Y.L. Han, M. Lin, H. Yang, A. Lig, T.J. Lu, F. Li, F. Xu, Paper: A Promising Material for Human-Friendly Functional Wearable Electronics, Materials Science & Engineering - R: Reports, 2017  Full Text 

251. J. Hu, C. T. Yew, X.S. Chen, S.S. Feng, Q. Yang, S.Q. Wang, W.H. Wee, B. P. Murphy, T. J. Lu, F. Xu, Paper-based capacitive sensors for identification and quantification of chemicals at the point of care, TALANTA, 2017 Full Text 

250. G.Y. Huang, M.X. Li. Q.Z. Yang, Y.H. Li, H. Liu, H. Yang, F. Xu, Magnetically Actuated Droplet Manipulation and Its Potential Biomedical Applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017 Full Text 

249. G.X. Zhao, Y.J. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z.G. Ye, W. Ren,F. Xu, S.Q. Wang, M. Liu, Xi.H. Zhang, 3D Conformal Modification of Electrospun Silk Nanofibers with 2 Nanoscaled ZnO Deposition for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity , ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering,2017 Full Text 

248. Y. Sun, Z.C. Shen, S.L. Xin, L. Ma, C.H. Xiao, S.J. Ding, F. Li, G.X. Gao, Ultrafine Co-doped ZnO nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction, Electrochemica Acta, 2017 Full Text 

247. J. Hu, J.R. Choi, S.Q. Wang, Y. Gong, S.S. Feng, B. Pingguan-Murphy, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Multiple test zones for improved detection performance in lateral flow assays, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 2017 Full Text 

246C. Yang, W. Zhu, X. Han, A. Ma, L. Bai, F. Xu, Association of CXCR4 Expression with Coronary Collateralization in Patients with Chronic Total Coronary Occlusion: a nested case-control study, International Journal of Cardiology, 2017 Full Text 

245. B.R. Jin, S.R. Wang, M. Lin, Y. Jin, S.J. Zhang, X.Y. Cui, Y. Gong, A. Li, T.J. Lu, F. Xu, Upconversion nanoparticles based FRET aptasensor for rapid and ultrasenstive bacteria detection, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017 Full Text 

244L. Cao, X.Y. Cui, J. Hu, Z.D. Li, J. R. Choi, Q.Z. Yang, M. Lin, F. Xu, Advances in Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (dPCR) and its Emerging Biomedical Applications, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017 Full Text 

243M. Dou, S. T. Sanjay , D. C. Dominguez , P. Liu , F. Xu, X.J. Li, Multiplexed instrument-free meningitis diagnosis on a polymer/paper hybrid microfluidic biochip, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017 Full Text 

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