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Congratulations on the Success of Popular Science Activitiy!

2018/09/12      view:

Why do you need to diagnose diseases quickly? Which methods are used to achieve rapid diagnosis? Which is better for various diagnostic methods? The Center of Biomimetic Engineering and Biomechanics (BEBC) of Xi'an Jiaotong University organized a science popularization activity on the science of instant diagnostic technology with the theme of “Keeping health and promoting Chinese Dream”, under the title sponsorship of China Biomedical Engineering Society on September 8th,2018. The interesting questions attracted the students from Junior high school affiliate to Xian Jiaotong University.


Under the leadership Doctor Ma Yufei from BEBC, the teachers and students first visited the School of Life Science and Technology as well as took a group photo. Later, the middle school teachers and students went to laboratory to participate in popular science activities. Professor Xu Feng, Director of BEBC, extended a warm welcome to all the attendants and introduced the recent interesting work on real-time diagnostic techniques, such as bio-pen, electrolytic hydrogel, implemented on paper, quick detection and so on. Prof. Xu encouraged students to “keep their curiosity forever” and “do the technology to change their lives”. “Be courageous and follow your own heart to make choices”. After the lecture, Doctor Yang Qingzhen, a young teacher from BEBC introduced and displayed 3D printing technology, microfluidic chip and fluorescent test strips that can detect various diseases with the help of  and Dr. Cao Lei and Gong Yan. Finally, Doctor Li Zedong guided the junior high school students into practice of using nano-gold as the color-developing particles, on-site test strips, testing the specific disease nucleic acid, and helped them to observe the experimental phenomenon.

The students are enthusiastic throughout the popular science activities, they also expressed the expects to take part in more similar activities in order to be more exposed to science. BEBC hopes to stimulate students' interest in health sciences and promote their awareness, interest and mastering of science since primary school, and gradually cultivate their innovative spirit, as well as taking more responsibilities in enlightenment, opening communication and providing opportunities for primary and secondary school students by these popular science activities.

This popular science activity was strongly supported by the China Biomedical Engineering Society, the School of Life Science and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University and the secondary school affiliated to Xi'an Jiaotong University.