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X. Edward Guo

2015/12/16      view:

Prof. X. Edward Guo     Columbia University

Education background: 

1984: B.S., Applied Mechanics/Biomechanics, Peking University

1990: M.S., Mechanical Engineering/Medical Engineering, Harvard University

1994: Ph.D., Medical Physics/Medical Engineering, Harvard–MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

1993-96: Post-doctoral Training in Musculoskeletal Bioengineering, University of Michigan

Research Interests:

µCT, µMRI, and HR-pQCT Image Analysis of Bone Microstructure

Novel Image Based Microstructural and FE Analyses of Osteoporosis


Mechanobiology of 3D In Vitro Trabecular Bone Explants

Mechanotransduction in Osteocyte Network

Single Osteocyte Cell Mechanics

Email: exg1@columbia.edu