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Vikram S. Deshpande

2016/10/21      view:

Prof. Vikram S. Deshpande has a leading international reputation in mechanics of materials: his work spans from the design of micro-architectured lattices to modelling of the cytoskeleton in

eukaryotic cells. His research combines scientific insights as well as practical application and is marked by the depth and breadth of experimental and theoretical activity. He is highly cited (h-index in the range 45-55, depending upon source), and has a high publication rate in leading journals (~204 papers since 1999). He combines novel experiment with multi-scale analysis to give new understanding of the deformation and fracture of material systems. Specifically, he has:

(i) Originated finite strain discrete dislocation theory.

(ii) Devised robust material descriptions of engineering materials (constitutive laws) from foams to ceramics that have been widely adopted by the international scientific community.

(iii) Invented new micro-architectures of lattice materials for diverse applications

such as large scale lightweight structures, energy absorption and shock


(iv) Pioneered a broad range of experimental techniques to interrogate material

and structural behavior under dynamic loadings (e.g. water shock tube, foam

projectile based simulator of blast loading and high velocity sand slugs).


(v) Developed models for the response of the cytoskeleton in eukaryotic cells to mechanical stimulation.