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Professor Chunyang Xiong from Peking University visited BEBC

2018/08/27      view:

At Professor Feng Xu and Guoyou Huangs invitation, Professor Chunyang Xiong from Peking University visited BEBC on 17th August, 2018 and delivered a report entitled Cell mechanics: Quantitative characterization and Application progress in the 308 meeting room in the School of Life Science and Technology.

His report mainly introduced quantitative characterization of cell mechanics including: Traction Force Microscopy for characterizing interaction force between cells and extracellular matrix; Deformability Cytometry based on dielectrophoresis(DEP) for cell viscoelastic deformation measure. Besides, his report also showed how these two new technology applied in tumor cell migration and invasion, lymphocyte activation, and drug toxicity test for cardiac muscle cell, etc. In the end of the report, he had a heated discussion with teachers and students from BEBC.

After that, he was invited to look around the labs of BEBC.