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Ph.D. students Hao Liu won the best poster award

2018/08/07      view:

July 16th-17th,2018, the 1st ICFE(International Conference on Flexible Electronics 2018) held in Hangzhou, China. Ph.D. student Hao Liu from BEBC won the "best Poster Award" in this conference.

This conference aims to offer a worlds preeminent forum for reporting methodological and technological breakthroughs in the areas of flexible electronics, including but not limited to organic flexible electronics, flexible display, inorganic flexible electronics, stretchable electronics, flexible power sources, bio-mimetic electronics, reconfigurable electronics, transient electronics, bio-integrated electronics, wearable electronics, and soft actuators/robots.

Many academic authorities were invited as plenary speakers including: John A. Rogers and Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University, Yunqi Liu from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wei Huang from Northwestern Polytechnical University.

During the discussion section, Liu talked a lot with invited speaker Roozbeh Ghaffari from Northwestern University on how flexible electronic devices applied in biochemical diagnosis, which he thought meaningful and helpful. Thus he encouraged that the new forces of BEBC should strive harder and grab every opportunity to communicate with or learn from those great intellectual scholors.

On the presentation section, Lius poster entitled Human-friendly, Stretchable and Reusable Hydrogel Electronics, gained lots of attention due to its novelty and informative content, and finally rendered him this honor. Big congratulations!